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Rag picker's Association
Surat's Rag-picker Women: Struggles and Support

Founded in 1997, the Nari Pragati Mahila Mandal, Rasulabad, started with 10 women rag pickers. Their numbers thrived, reaching 120 members with a central shop for waste collection. However, the introduction of door-to-door waste collection and the removal of open bins significantly impacted their ability to find waste. Sadly, this essential work by these women is often overlooked, and their numbers dwindled to just 16.
Despite the challenges, the association fights for these women's well-being. Established to protect them from exploitation by waste traders, it ensures they receive fair wages for their labor. Here's how Nari Pragati Mahila Mandal empowers these women:
  • Securing fair wages: The association fights for proper compensation for the waste they collect.
  • Access to entitlements: They guide the women in accessing government benefits they deserve.
  • Financial empowerment: Through NAVSARJAN, they help the women sell their collected waste at a fair price and connect them to saving and credit schemes.
Working Together:
  1. Early mornings (around 6 AM) see the women collecting waste.
  2. Designated collection points are used to store the gathered materials.
  3. NAVSARJAN's truck picks up the waste and transports it to a central shop.
  4. At the shop, the waste gets sorted, weighed, and priced based on value and weight.
  5. Each member receives payment based on their contribution.
  6. Any profit earned from sales is distributed amongst the women and shop employees at year-end.
The story of Nari Pragati Mahila Mandal highlights the crucial role ragpickers play in keeping our cities clean. It's a call for recognizing their hard work and ensuring their fair treatment.
Near Old RTO., Ring Road, Surat-395001 email: navsarjansurat1986@gmail.com
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